3 in 1 Chew Stick – The Multipurpose Stick Toy for your Fluff Ball on four legs.

The 3 in 1 Crazy Stick can be used as a Fetch toy, Puzzle Teaser and Dipping Stick! Today, we’d like to show you the easy and correct way to apply sticky treats, such as peanut butter to the toy!

It’s important to note our toys are focused on interaction, not chewing. Dogs, generally chew when bored and lack interaction. Chewing is very instinctive. However, when treats are placed within/onto our toys, they actually become the focus for your dog and you will find they will lick or manoeuvre the toy as opposed to chewing or break it. Therefore, we recommend raw dog bones as the ideal, natural choice for chewing.

~ Peanut Butter Smothering ~

Step 1. Find your dog’s favourite tub of peanut butter (double check it’s suitable for dogs).

Step 2. Scoop out peanut butter and start spreading onto toy.

Step 3. Ensure all the indentations are filled as seen in photo, these are the harder parts to get! To add extra play time, insert peanut butter into the end of toys.

Step 4. Give treat to dog, ideally outdoors on grass or permeable surfaces to enable easy cleaning.

Note: Remove the toy once finished, expected play time approx. 20 – 30min. Hand wash in warm water for easy cleaning!

This could be your dog’s new favourite toy!

This BORK toy is made from premium TPR Rubber, dishwasher safe, both product and packaging are 100% recyclable, PVC and BPA free, owner supervision recommended, avoid swallowing. BORK New Zealand